Claim my Models.com page

If you already have a publicly listed page on Models.com and would like to control it, you can claim that page.

Please note claiming a page only applies to existing pages, if you want to submit an application to get a page on Models.com please view the FAQ on having your own page.

There are two ways to claim your page, via Instagram verification (quickest and easiest) or by sending us proof of identity.

If your Models.com page has your Instagram account listed on it, you can claim your page and take control of it automatically using Instagram. On a desktop web browser, go to your Models.com account settings at models.com/account and click “Claim a page” on the left-hand side menu.

Otherwise, email [email protected] with proof of identity as per the instructions below.

To further verify your identity as this person, please send back an email with a link to your Models.com page and a copy of an official form of identification. For example, a picture or scan of your passport/license. Feel free to block out any important numbers on these documents if you wish. A member of our team will review this attachment and connect your login with your page.