What is Models.com Pro membership?

Models.com Pro is a new option allowing users to get even more out of Models.com. You can see a list of all Pro features here.

Upgrading to Pro allows you to view unlimited people pages on Models.com per calendar month. Without it, users are limited to 50 page views per calendar month.

Full Pro feature list:

  • View unlimited pages of someone's work history (Free: 50 pages per month*)

  • Search for talent based on who they have worked with in ProSearch.

  • Access to the 'People Tab' to see a list of who works with whom.

  • Create unlimited custom lists of people (Free limit: 3 Lists including Favorites and 20 people per list max)

  • Receive email notifications when new work is added for people on your list.

  • Collaborate on lists with unlimited people (Free limit: 3 people)

*If you have a Models.com profile page your own profile history page views do not count towards this limit.

What counts as a page view? Any page or tab beyond the first page on an artist or model’s page counts as a page view. Looking at work, client pages, agency listings, your own page and the homepage do not count towards the 50 page view limit.

Upgrading your membership to a Pro membership costs $20 a month (or $200 a year) for individuals.
Users are given a 15 day free trial before the first billing cycle.
Listed agencies and their staff automatically get Models.com Pro memberships as part of their listing.

Group plans are available for companies starting at 5 memberships.

Email [email protected] to stop your Pro membership or if you have any questions