How can I have my own page as an artist or model in the database?

If you are represented by an agency that is listed on our site, simply have your agency reach out to us and we can create a page to represent your work. Look for your agency here: https://models.com/agencies/

Otherwise to submit for a profile, fill out our application after registering for a membership here.

Important: To be included in our database you must have worked with established clients that are listed in our database. Approval of new pages is at the discretion of Models.com.

Remember, it is in fact difficult to meet our requirements for a database page. Our team asks for your patience as we expand our community while still providing a quality and accurate resource for the industry. Please allow for up to two weeks for a response regarding your request for a pro MDC page.

Models.com artist pages are made for individuals or duos going by their names. Companies, studios, collectives, LLCs, agencies, etc must purchase a listing to appear in the Models.com database.