What are the benefits of having an Agency Listing on Models.com?

The Models.com database is a collaborative portfolio site dedicated to promoting the discovery of new talent in the fashion industry. Work is continually uploaded by creative agencies and professionals who then credit the respective talent, making it the most up-to-date and accurate resource for anyone wanting to keep up with the industry.

This is why clients, casting directors, creative directors, and creative agencies use Models.com daily to search for talent, including models and artists.

For modeling or creative talent agencies, a listing in the Models.com Database makes it easier for clients to contact your agency when they are interested in booking one of your talent.

For production and advertising/creative agencies, a listing allows agencies to get credited for work they produced, making it easier for potential clients to discover them when they are looking for production or advertising services agencies.

Listed agencies are credited on their talent’s pages, and automatically whenever any of their artists is mentioned in the news and Models.com Original features, as the best point of contact under the names of your artists and models.

Your agency listing itself can display a list of all your talent, contact information and links to your social media.

As a listed agency, your staff will be granted access to add new work (as well as edit existing work) in the MDC Database. Creative talent agencies are given access to hide their artist’s credit from work as well.

Please note that becoming a participating agency does not guarantee inclusion in Models.com original editorial content or the model rankings.

Contact [email protected] or use our contact form, to learn more about the features certain listing tiers provide.