Choosing the correct client, date and title when uploading a new work

Step 1: Choose a client
Type the name of the client and choose from the list that appears as you type. (ie. i-D Online)

  • The client should reflect the publication or brand that commissioned the work

  • Some brands have separate online/print or beauty/women’s/men’s pages

  • If the brand can not be found in the provided options, you can use a “Various” client by typing Various. If using a various client, include the name of the magazine or brand in the title section of the basic info later.

  • If the work was a test shoot, unpublished or personal work, select the client “Portrait” and categorize the work as Other, not editorial.

Step 2: Categorize the work by choosing a work type
Use the provided drop down to choose whether the work is an editorial, cover, campaign, lookbook, advertorial, social media, show or other.

  • Advertising typically has a brand logo on the images and is used for print and digital marketing.

  • Lookbooks are typically used to show an entire collection and do not feature brand logos on the images.

  • Editorials and Magazine covers are uploaded as separate entries. If choosing magazine cover, make sure the other covers are not in a separate database entry already.

  • Shows are typically added by the Models.com team to ensure accurate and complete credits. If you are adding a show, we require at least 5 other models to be credited.

Step 3: Choose a date

  • The date should reflect the month/issue that the images were published.

Step 4: Add the title of the work

  • If it is in editorial, this title should reflect the name of the story the magazine/online platform used. (Example: New Spring Beauty)

  • If it is an advertising campaign, you can add the specific name of the collection or season to make the title more specific.

  • If the photographer or brand does not have a database page on Models.com, add their name to the Title of the work (ie. Editorial Name photographed by John Doe)