Adding images and videos

When uploading a new work or editing an existing work, you will be prompted to add media (images and/or video) to your work.

  • Click Add Images.

  • Click Choose Images, or drag and drop image files into the provided window.

  • After the images process, use the checkboxes to pick and choose which models appear in which picture, and if applicable, which creatives worked on each specific image. This is important because it dictates which thumbnail appears on each person’s Models.com page.

  • Click Done.

You can add an editorial or campaigns accompanying video to the same work by clicking Add Video.

Keep in mind:

  • You must only upload content you are authorized to share.

  • The Models.com uploader can only accept .JPG files (No PDFs)

  • Videos must be hosted first on Vimeo or Youtube

  • When uploading images, you can drag and drop them into a specific order. Once the work is approved and published, they will not be able to be rearranged except by the client user.

  • Do not upload image files with printing guidelines, unpublished pictures, embargoed content etc.

If you are editing an existing work and have revised, more correct, or higher quality images, add them to the existing post then report the work using the “See something wrong?” link. A moderator can remove the original images unless they were added by the client themselves.